welcome to the resources page!
here you can find all sorts of different resources, from coding and graphics to health and the world's important events. keep in mind that none of the websites linked belong to me, though!


w3schools tutorials for many different programming languages including html, css, and javascript
mdn web docs similar to w3schools, resources for developers by developers
neo's resources carrd with all sorts of coding and graphic resources
rv's free javascript/dhtml effects as it says, mostly javascript codes
html div table generator generates html div tables for you
want to make a website? masterlist of templates/layouts by different people


emojibank database of pixel images that can be downloaded by using inspect element
mp4's graphic resources database of graphics such as pixels and dividers
ezgif free online animated gif editor
blinkie maker blinkie generator that lets you make your own blinkies
gifcities database of old geocities gif images
evil food eater carrd database of graphics such as pixels and dividers
pixels rentry with a small collection of pixel images
photopea free online alternative to photoshop remove backgrounds from pictures


supercook input ingredients and this website will give you recipes that require those ingredients
webpage archive webpage archive tool and database, similar to wayback machine
internet archive non-profit library of millions of free books, movies, software, music, websites, and more
does the dog die tracks potentially triggering events in media
tineye effective reverse image search tool
deepl translate artificial intelligence based translator
dcode collection of over 800 tools to help solve games, riddles, ciphers, etc.
imgbb free image hosting website
catbox file upload and storage website