welcome 2 funhouse!

oops! it seems like you're trying to access my website on mobile. that's okay, kinda. this is a mobile version i've built for it... it works, but it doesn't do the desktop version justice, so make sure to use your desktop device next time!

funhouse is my self-titled personal website (i also go by abel) and little corner of the internet. i'm a 23 year old lesbian and i'm taken. here's my tumblr, my twitter, my pinterest, my bandcamp, my ko-fi, and my spacehey. you can also contact me via discord funhouse#5410 or e-mail.

i'm an insane individual who sings, makes music, and draws sometimes. i like basic coding and editing. i spend a lot of time on social media, such as tumblr and discord. i'm always on copious amounts of prescription drugs. i'm an anthropology major!

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update log

added ko-fi button to the desktop version and got a custom domain, funhouse.gay!

i released my mixtape! you can listen to it on my bandcamp.

launched the mobile version.

new layout! this time coded from scratch by yours truly.

launched the website.